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At Fortis Resilience Group, we take pride in delivering comprehensive resilience consulting services tailored specifically for the dynamic and demanding oil and gas industry. Our highly skilled team boasts extensive experience gained from working across diverse regions and tackling a wide range of challenges. We understand that every organization is unique, with its own set of intricacies and priorities.

foundational resilience

We provide a full-service solution for building resilient cultures, including assessments, training and exercises, and preparedness campaigns. We equip your organization with the skills and strategies needed to mitigate risks, ensuring resilience and readiness.

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Risk Analysis & Planning

FORTIS develops customized audit checklists to enhance your emergency and crisis plans, leveraging thorough on-site evaluations for precise planning.

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Response Guidance

FORTIS provides concise response guides, enabling your team to swiftly access critical information in the midst of crises.

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Employee Training

FORTIS tailored training programs encompass all hazards, empowering your team to adeptly manage crises, communicate effectively, and establish compassionate care programs.

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Scenario-Based Drills

FORTIS designs scenario-driven exercises, including oil spill response, cyber intrusion, and mass casualty simulations, to rigorously test your emergency plans.

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Post-Event Analysis

FORTIS captures invaluable lessons learned, delivering detailed After-Action Reports (AAR) and Improvement Plans (IP) to continually enhance your resilience.

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Preparedness Campaigns

FORTIS crafts engaging campaigns aimed at cultivating a culture of preparedness, fostering employee safety, and promoting engagement within your organization.

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Mitigating Threats

Our specialized planning and exercises prepare your organization to respond effectively to situations, safeguarding your personnel and assets.

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resilience workshop

Our tailored and immersive resilience workshop links and incorporates resilience functions across organizations for optimal effectiveness.

Led by our team of experts, the workshop empowers employees and crisis response teams to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a wide range of crisis events.

The workshop is fully adaptable to meet your organization's unique requirements and aligns with your environmental, social, and corporate governance principles.

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Leadership and Crisis Management

Develop leadership skills to effectively guide your organization through crises and make strategic decisions under pressure.

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Risk Assessment and Plan Development

Creation of emergency, crisis, and continuity plans tailored to your specific requirements.

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Preparedness Training and Exercises

Tailored training materials and strategies will be developed for different target audiences, including employees, Crisis Teams, and C-Suite executives. Next we will guide you in designing response exercises to simulate real-world scenarios driven by your identified risks.

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Incident Command / Management Systems

Understand the principles of an Incident Command or Incident Management System (ICS/IMS) to establish efficient structures for response management.

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Team Coordination and Collaboration

Foster teamwork and collaboration among your crisis response teams for a cohesive and effective response.

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Resource Allocation and Logistics

Learn how to allocate resources efficiently and manage logistics to support crisis response efforts.

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Psychological Resilience

Explore strategies to build psychological resilience among employees and mitigate the emotional impact of crises.

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preparedness & response

Tailored Training Programs by FORTIS RESILIENCE GROUP

FORTIS RESILIENCE GROUP provides customized training courses that cater to specific needs of a particular industry. To prevent operational disruptions caused by traditional training sessions, some courses can be structured into shorter, more manageable segments.

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CMT “Sprints”

Short-duration, sequential exercises to develop skills and decision-making under pressure.

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Bespoke Training

Practical and time-efficient training aligning team needs for in-depth knowledge competency for diverse and dynamic situations.

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Humanitarian Assistance

For Crisis Response Teams that provide support and assistance with people issues during emergencies and personal tragedy.

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Computer-Based Training

CBT’s designed for efficient delivery on introductory courses, with refresher training for experienced personnel.

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Comprehensive Training

Courses include Introduction to Advanced ICS / IMS, HAZWOPER, Qualified Individual, Oil Spill Response Tactics and Selection, and more.

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Effective Exercises

Design, facilitation, coaching / evaluation for enhancing response teams.

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Response Services

Enhance or augment internal team capabilities on IMT positions.

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