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Empowering Resilience, Ensuring Success

Our team of networked professionals has extensive global experience in crisis management, risk mitigation, and incident response. We utilize proven strategies and techniques to ensure your organization is prepared to handle any crisis, whether it be a natural disaster or cyber-attack. We collaborate closely with your team to identify potential risks, establish mitigation strategies, and cultivate a culture of resilience within your organization.

Your Partner for Operational Resilience

Safeguarding Oil and Gas Operations


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Oil Company Preparedness

Strengthening Readiness for

Crisis Response

In collaboration with a prominent foreign state-owned oil company, Fortis conducted a comprehensive capabilities assessment. This evaluation included an in-depth gap analysis, allowing us to identify areas of improvement. Subsequently, we devised and implemented a robust Emergency Preparedness and Response plan. Our strategic approach has fortified their crisis management capabilities, ensuring they are well-prepared to respond effectively in times of crisis, securing their operations and reputation.

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U.S. Refinery Incident

Critical Insights for Incident Resolution | Post-Incident Analysis

Fortis was engaged to provide a meticulous post-incident analysis following a Tier 3 incident and explosion at a major U.S. refinery. Our seasoned team assessed the response to this critical incident, uncovering valuable insights and lessons. Through our analysis, we delivered a comprehensive assessment report that highlighted areas for improvement and best practices. This project exemplifies our commitment to enhancing incident response strategies for our clients, ultimately minimizing risk and ensuring operational continuity.

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Offshore Oil Spill Risks

Mitigating Environmental and Cross-Border Risks

Fortis Resilience Group LC undertook a vital project to assess capabilities and risks associated with offshore oil spills that could impact trans-national boundaries in the Caribbean Sea. Our dedicated team employed a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate potential risks and develop mitigation strategies. By understanding the complex dynamics of these offshore environments, we assist clients in safeguarding their operations, the environment, and navigating the complexities of international regulations.


resilience culture


89% of business leaders consider resilience as one of their most important strategic organizational priorities.

(Source: Deloitte survey)

Preparedness Vulnerabilities


80% of organizations lack comprehensive emergency preparedness, leaving them vulnerable to operational disruptions. (Source: Emergency Management Reports)

Business Continuity


93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.

(Source: Invenio IT Survey)

Communication Challenges


65% of businesses struggle with effective crisis communication during emergencies, risking trust and reputation. (Source: Industry Surveys)

financial impact


Companies lose around $100,000 for every hour of downtime during a crisis.

(Source: Invenio IT Survey)

Business Continuity


75% of companies experience supply chain disruptions, impacting business continuity and profitability. (Source: Supply Chain Studies)




vision, mission, & VALUES

our vision

To offer tailored solutions that boost the sustainability, durability, and productivity of our clients' businesses. We aim to work alongside organizations to enhance their resilience, promote innovation, and manage risks effectively

our mission

To become the trusted partner of choice for businesses seeking to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. We envision a future where our tailored solutions empower organizations to achieve enduring success.

Our Values

At Fortis, our core values drive our actions: we excel in risk management expertise, practice responsible stewardship of resources, make data-driven decisions, and prioritize collaborative partnerships, ensuring our clients' enduring success.

partner with fortis

Partnering with organizations to build resilience and foster innovation.

Fortis Resilience Group LC specializes in crisis management, incident response, and risk mitigation with 18 years of global expertise. We serve government agencies, non-profits, and businesses, handling notable projects like state-owned oil company preparedness, refinery incident analysis, and offshore oil spill risk assessment. Contact us for resilient solutions.

Fortis Resilience Group offers industry-specific training courses to enhance operational resilience and minimize risks. Our unique approach ensures uninterrupted training, strengthening operations and preparedness optimized for minimal downtime.

our experience



Joe has over 18 years of expertise in working with multinational public companies and scaling private equity assets. He excels in operations and has a knack for initiating ventures and leading transformative endeavors. Joe is passionate about empowering teams to excel.

His expertise extends to areas such as business resiliency frameworks, crisis and emergency response plans, business continuity, and expatriate evacuation programs. Joe is well-versed in crisis management, emergency response, business continuity, and strategic navigation, helping businesses tackle complex challenges and achieve their strategic goals.

Resilience Consultant | Crisis Management Expert | Emergency Response Leader

Industry Experience

Manager, Global Resilience & Risk

Leader of team for global Crisis & Emergency Management, Operations Risk Management, and Business Continuity. Tier 3 IMT Incident Commander, Crisis Management Team Specialist.

Manager, Crisis & Emergency Management

Leader of team for global Crisis & Emergency Management, Oil Spill Response, and Humanitarian Assistance. Tier 3 IMT Incident Commander, Operations SC. Planning SC, and Finance SC.

Sr. Emergency Response Consultant

Managed response, recovery, and disposal of waste and incident costs for clients. Deliver training and facilitate exercises. On-Scene Incident Commander.

Incident Management

  • Incident & Deputy Commander
  • Operations Section & Chief
  • Operations Branch Director
  • Planning Section & Chief
  • Finance Section Chief

Functional Expertise

  • IMS/ICS Training Development, Delivery
  • Exercise Design, Facilitation, Coaching
  • Leadership/Team Building Workshops
  • Risk Assessment, Mitigation Planning
  • Response Plan Development
  • Preparedness Framework Design, Implementation


  • FEMA IS 1 - Emergency Manager
  • FEMA Professional Development Series
  • Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
  • Marine Oil Spill Response - 40 hr.
  • ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, and 800 level courses
  • Aerial Surveillance and Observer
  • Infosec Cyber Incident Response Specialization
  • Humanitarian Aid Essentials, DisasterReady
  • Procurement and Logistics, CILT-UK

global experience

Empowering Resilience, Ensuring Success

Joe is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in managing operational incidents and humanitarian events. He has held leadership roles, including Incident Commander, on multiple Tier 3 Incident Management Teams. Joe's expertise extends to global emergency response training and exercises, including leading significant drills. He is highly skilled in diplomacy and relationship building, demonstrated by his successful negotiation of resource agreements and support for international conventions. Joe's proactive approach has made him a valuable asset in the field of emergency management.


Joe has extensive experience in leadership roles during operational incidents and emergency response teams

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He excels in negotiation and relationship building, facilitating cooperation in critical situations

Diplomacy Diplomacy


Joe effectively orchestrates initiatives and agreements, fostering collaboration in challenging environments.

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